Credentials Clothing

We Buy and Sell Credential clothing and shoes in original donation.
Original credential clothing are clothing which has been donated and collect through door to door, drop boxes, fundraising event and or estate sales, unsorted, untouched clothing donations still in the exact condition and in all original bags that the donator donated it to charities or commercial recycling companies. Credential clothing is untouched unsorted and will contain shoes and accessories.

Here at California clothing Collections we collect from affluent neighborhoods in California Credential goods are not processed or sorted in any way so our customers have opportunity to get the cream quality they desirers We maintain the integrity of the clothing from dirt, dust and liquid, The process of collection is keeping the goods clean and dry, while more efficient and cost effective handling are acquired through innovations, our most important goal is to keep the customers happy as we continue to gain their loyalty.

As the credential goods originated direct from the household here in California, all usual categories of secondhand clothing articles will be present, including men's clothes, women's clothes, towels, shoes, bags, lotion, children's rummage and household textiles. Most of clients are big retail chains, therefore we strive to be flexible and customize every deal so as to best fit the specific requirements of every customer.

California Clothing Collections provides credential clothing for your thrift store or grading operations in United States and Overseas.
Hard items, liquid and glass are removed to prevent damage to clothing. Credential clothing can be pressed into bales, or in original donation bags and packed loose into trucks or ocean containers.